The professional services of our “Studio” include, inter alia, the following activities:

- Inventory of archival material according to the “historical method” in accordance with international standards for archival description (ISAD and ISAAR) and in harmony with the practice archival institution Conservative

- Implementation of censuses of archival and documentary collections

- Indexing and cataloging of collections and stock photos 

- Genealogical research, and generally archival research, for public and private clients

- Studies and research projects aimed at dissemination of industrial culture, educational courses, preparation of exhibitions of historical, economic and social character

- Inventory and cataloging of industrial heritage, research relating to goods and to evidence of the material culture and of the history of work

- Iconographic research and studies

- Advice for the archives management (current and depot) for adoption of proper archival practice in harmony with the functional and needs of creating body

- Study and development of guides to management for archives of public agencies for the optimal management of classification and document flow

- Advice on documents selection in current and depot archives and adoption of materials suitable for long term conservation of documents

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